Crude Oil

Corrosion and pitting shown on two year old aluminum 407 crude sump.

In some parts of North America, stainless steel 407 crude trailers are outselling their aluminum counterparts. Oilfield carriers are seeing rapid corrosion and pitting of epoxy lined aluminum equipment — particularly at the heat treated areas around the sumps. One theory is that methanol used by trailer service centers in the winter time may be softening the epoxy lining. The problem occurs when crude containing abrasives wear down the lining at the sump, allowing the residual frac acids and other chemicals to attack the aluminum. The result? Expensive re-sections and complete blast out and re-lining!

Many crude carriers in Western Canada have witnessed stainless crude trailers working 5 – 7 years longer than their aluminum 407 counterparts.

Why bother with aluminum crude equipment and expensive epoxy relining when STE has proven stainless 407 tandem and tridem insulated and non-insulated designs? Our equipment can handle any crude haul situation and outlast aluminum lined equipment hands down. It’s just that simple.