The STE Advantage

STE provides premium quality to every bulk tank and trailer we build. Constructed by America’s best engineers and welders, STE provides custom equipment that meets all your specifications and expectations. Skilled American workers dedicate themselves to providing you with a product that is built to last.

The STE Advantage is borne from our core values. We provide our customers with the very best in bulk tank and trailer solutions, and we are able to do so because of what we instill in our culture.


We treat every associate and customer with honesty and integrity, tapping into each person’s potential to ensure long-term success for everyone.


We believe that every associate deserves a fair chance to pursue his or her dream, and that we are all obliged to create opportunities that allow for the growth and success of others.


We respect the passion shown by associates who push themselves to find their full potential, and we appreciate the positive energy that our people bring to the workplace.


We continuously improve our business practices by encouraging innovation, imagination, critical thinking, and determination from associates at every level.


We care for our associates, their families, and our extended family of customers beyond organizational relationships; we rely on and trust in one another for continued support and collaboration.


We express gratitude for what we have by donating our time and resources; we share what we have to help improve our communities and our world.


We pay tribute to our country, believe in the American Dream and all it stands for, and honor and respect the men and women who serve our great nation.

Discover STE; Providing the best in bulk tank and trailer solutions.

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