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A Showcase of STE Service Capabilities – STE Develops Elliptical Nurse Tank

 Elliptical Nurse Tank - STE Service

Project Summary

Each spring and fall, the city of Beloit reduces their wastewater collection by distributing it to local farm fields. This operation requires three pieces of equipment:

  1. A tank trailer
  2. A 13,000-gallon nurse tank
  3. A 4,500-gallon applicator

The tank trailer runs the sludge from the holding tanks to the nurse tank, and the applicator then empties the sludge from the nurse tanks and applies it to the field.

The city has two of these nurse tanks in service, and came to Stainless Tank & Equipment (STE) when these tanks began to fail. The carbon steel elliptical nurse tanks had corroded significantly and had started to buckle, increasing the risk of containment breaches. The City of Beloit requested new equipment be manufactured to replace them, and at STE, we felt we were up to the task.

Carbon Steel Can't Hold Up to Corrosive Demands

Stainless Steel vs. Carbon Steel

Carbon steel tanks simply don’t hold up to the corrosive demands of the bulk transport industry, resulting in significantly shorter life spans than stainless tanks. We use stainless steel because it allows us to use thinner gauge material that is resistant to corrosion and requires less maintenance.

Our stainless tanks combine exceptional design with intentional quality, providing equipment that lasts longer than its carbon steel equivalent.

Project Challenges

Since our Elliptical Nurse tank is the first tank of its kind for STE, the project required an extra layer of care and attention to detail throughout the entire structural engineering process. This was no minor task, as the tank had to be custom designed to fit an existing frame.

The City of Beloit also had a bay height limit of just over 14 feet, meaning the tank couldn’t be built in a standard, round shape, if it was to remain within size and stability specifications. Instead, an elliptical design was required.

The stainless steel material took diligent focus in order to control and limit heat distortion while welding the barrel, heads, and attachments.

Stainless Tank & Equipment Engineering Solutions

STE Engineering Solutions

In order to overcome these challenges, STE employed its entrepreneurial spirit – assembling a team to engineer, develop, and manufacture this functional yet difficult tank design.

Utilizing 3D modeling, FEA Stress Analysis, and a large bay blast booth, STE was able to ensure all project requirements were met in a proficient and timely manner.

The resulting product is a 450” L x 120” W x 70” H (not including attachments) stainless steel elliptical tank, with a 13,000 liquid gallon holding capacity.

Attached to the Elliptical Nurse Tank is a full length walkway, rear ladder and platform, rear level gauge, structural side gussets, outriggers, lap bands, and louvers for the engine enclosure with a hinged panel for daily access.

Other specifications of this design include:

  • 6” front fill line with integrated 2” wash line
  • 24” rear head manway
  • Two (2) – 24” top manways
  • 6” rear reinforced outlet flange

The existing frame, suspension, wheels, and front auxiliaries were sand blasted and painted to create a smooth, polished finish.

From beginning to end, this project was truly a feat of creative engineering and skilled workmanship. This very large elliptical tank design provided the city with a uniquely capable and high-performing piece of equipment.

The team at STE is capable of manufacturing these large, elliptical tanks, or any other unique solution your city or company might need.

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