A Showcase of STE Service Capabilities – STE Develops Elliptical Nurse Tank

Elliptical Nurse Tank - STE Service

  Project Summary Each spring and fall, the city of Beloit reduces their wastewater collection by distributing it to local farm fields. This operation requires three pieces of equipment: A tank trailer A 13,000-gallon nurse tank A 4,500-gallon… Read More

Tanks a Lot: Leave some tanker spec’ing to experts

By Jim Park Posted: May 30, 2017 12:37 PM | Last Updated: May 30, 2017 12:37 PM There used to be good money in the liquid bulk business. The required equipment is so specialized that it presented somewhat of a barrier… Read More

Aluminum or Stainless: What’s the Best Bet for Crude Haulers?

by John Kipp, I thought it was an odd comment to make at that morning’s weekly sales conference call. It was early 2013, and we were discussing what stock aluminum, 407 crude trailers, we should be making to… Read More

OPEC versus Shale: A look at the oil markets in 2017 By Steve Graham

This is an article written By Steve Graham and produced by FTR Reports. production again in February. Some reports place the compliance rate closer to 86%. Efforts to lower inventories and raise prices have run into a wall… Read More

High Heat Tank Trailers: Innovation For Our Customers

Superior Carriers is no stranger to innovative ideas and practices to help our customers. In the past, you have seen the different types of trailers we have in our fleet. Today, we are excited to introduce two new… Read More

The Long Road Back to Crude Trucking

It was late October, 2014 and I remember sitting in my office looking at the crude oil futures in free fall, week after week. By mid-November, I had come to the realization that the bulk trailer manufacturing company… Read More


By Ken Shafer, Director, Maintenance & Tank Cleaning, Superior Carriers NEW Tank Safety Features, Including GEN II Folding Walkway! Superior Carriers, working in conjunction with tank trailer manufacturer ST&E, has designed a Generation II folding walkway with ground-level… Read More