By Ken Shafer, Director, Maintenance & Tank Cleaning, Superior Carriers

NEW Tank Safety Features, Including GEN II Folding Walkway!

Superior Carriers, working in conjunction with tank trailer manufacturer ST&E, has designed a Generation II folding walkway with ground-level operation, now featured on our newest trailer.

The innovative GEN II collapsible handrail folds down at the rear of the walkway in the same manner as the front section, allowing loading racks to be lowered all the way to the top of the crash box area. Incorporating the same excellent fall protection as prior designs, the GEN II controls are conveniently located at ground level, and is more loading and cleaning rack friendly.

Along with the GEN II railing, our newest trailer also features a Hendrickson Maxx 22T Disc Brake package with HXL7 wheel ends, warrantied for seven years. This is the first tank trailer in the Superior fleet to have disc brakes. We’re excited to road test them and benefit from safer stopping distances and reduced maintenance costs. Also new on this trailer is a Truck Lite sealed harness wiring system with no junction boxes. This feature carries a lifetime warranty on the connections.