High Heat Tank Trailers: Innovation For Our Customers

Superior Carriers is no stranger to innovative ideas and practices to help our customers. In the past, you have seen the different types of trailers we have in our fleet. Today, we are excited to introduce two new ones.
With the help of our trailer partner, ST&E, we have two new high heat tank trailers delivering a specific product for a valued customer. Now, this isn’t our first high heat tank, but it is the first to be fitted with their own engine.

The tanks are 6,000 gallons, designed for high heat products with a maximum temperature of 400 degrees. Heating the trailer is a 20,000 Watt, 240 Volt Durex heater powered by a Cummins, 148 cu in, 4 cyl diesel engine. While in the plant, the system can be connected to a 240-volt electrical outlet to power the heater cutting down on the need to run the Cummins engine. The system is circulating DowTherm J fluid to heat the product while intransit.
The tanks are fitted with the Gen II Fall Protection Railing System, and is riding on the Hendrickson Intraax air ride suspension with Michelin wide based tires, for weight savings and better stability.