New Tank T&C


New Tank Orders – General Terms & Conditions


Effective March 25, 2017

Payment: A 20% Down Payment is required with the balance due upon the completion date.

Completion Date: “Completion Date” refers to when the unit is ready for use, whether the Buyer takes possession of the unit(s). The completion date is subject to change by Seller for any modification(s) made by Buyer. Unit(s) must be removed from Seller’s property within 15 days of completion.

Pricing: Seller and Buyer agree that the price to be paid to the Seller as shown on the quote letter. Due to long lead times in production, pricing is subject to adjustment not to exceed 3.5% based on fluctuation of material costs prior to production. Price is also subject to adjustment by Seller for any change made by Buyer and approved by Seller.

Taxes: Buyer is responsible for all taxes including federal excise tax, sales tax along with any other charges and duties associated with the unit(s).

Freight: All orders are F.O.B. Seller’s plant in Beloit, WI. Buyer shall bear all expenses incurred by Seller in delivering any unit(s) upon completion.

Cancellations: Undelivered Products may be cancelled by Buyer only upon written approval of an authorized representative of Seller. In the event of any cancellation of an order by Buyer, Buyer shall pay to Seller its reasonable costs and expenses, plus Seller’s usual rate of profit for similar work. Buyer must give Seller 90-day notification prior to original production commencing on orders designated for cancelation.

Changes: Buyer may not alter or modify its order or any part thereof without Seller’s prior, written consent. Buyer cannot move orders in Seller’s production schedule unless express permission is given by Seller. Seller reserves the right to change the price, terms of payment and delivery dates for any units affected by any alterations or modification to which it consents.

Engineering Data: All engineering data, design information and engineering and shop drawings used in the completion of this order are and shall remain Seller’s property. Buyer shall not copy, reproduce, distribute, publish or communicate to any third party such data without the prior, written permission of a properly authorized representative of Seller.

Limited Warranty: Stainless Tank & Equipment (Seller) expressly warrants all new tanks and such accessories as are manufactured by it to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal service and properly maintained for (3) three years from the time the tank is delivered. These warranties extend only to original purchaser. This warranty does not apply to parts, products or accessories not manufactured by STAINLESS TANK AND EQUIPMENT CO. See separate warranty sheet for exact details.