Fifty years ago, STE set out to deliver a higher standard of engineering and manufacturing excellence in the liquid tank industry. Today, STE’s equipment is synonymous with dependability, longevity and robustness. And, because of STE’s constant innovations in technology and manufacturing processes, we are recognized throughout North America as a leader in bulk tank trailer design.

In fact, our equipment is trusted to haul some of the most dangerous substances on earth. Why? Because the multi-national chemical companies we work with don’t take chances with safety. They rely on STE’s critical engineering and quality processes for their vessels.

Based in Wisconsin, STE has a reputation for meeting and exceeding the most demanding bulk hauling requirements of the oilfield, chemical, milk, and sanitary transport industries. Our equipment is designed with purpose and fabricated by skilled craftsmen right here in America.

At STE, we don’t mass produce on a foreign assembly line. Our equipment is built to work harder, last longer, and retain its value years down the road.

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