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STE's new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility being built in Beloit, WI promises to be the most high-tech tank manufacturing facility in the United States. The building sits on 43 acres just off Interstate 39/90 in Beloit, WI and boasts 350,000 square feet. The investment in automation includes over 25 robots and co-bots to facilitate superior quality and consistency. By significantly increasing current capacity, STE substantially expands their footprint in the market with the new building. This investment represents a positive economic impact in the community through significant job creation to support the growth of STE’s high quality American made product portfolio.

Over fifty years ago, STE set out to deliver a higher engineering and manufacturing excellence standard in the liquid tank industry. From humble beginnings in a garage in South Central Wisconsin to today in a factory based in Beloit, Wisconsin, STE has developed a reputation for meeting and exceeding the most demanding bulk hauling requirements for the chemical, food, and sanitary transport industries. In 2006, Hendricks Holding Company, Inc. acquired STE. Since then, STE has grown its brand and diversified its offerings to include a complete parts and service department to better service and supply the growing tank trailer industry. "The investment by Hendricks Holding Company, Inc. allows STE to continue to grow its strength, product offering, and presence in the tank trailer industry. This investment also gives STE the capability to access new markets and increase value for our customers through higher quality engineered products," says Chris Sipe, President of STE.

Brent Fox, CEO of Hendricks Holding Company, Inc., “STE is part of the Hendricks Holding Company, Inc. portfolio of businesses that manufactures a quality product, by quality people. Our customers are asking us to expand our product offering, and capacity to grow with them. The current facility in downtown Beloit is situated in a place where expansion would be extremely challenging and disruptive to the business. The new location allows us to accommodate our growth initiatives, and our dedication to our quality workforce, the greater Beloit community, Rock County and Wisconsin.”


About Hendricks Holding Company, Inc.

The Hendricks’ started their business journey in the early 1970s in Beloit, Wisconsin investing in real estate and owning and operating a growing roofing company. In 1982, they founded American Builders & Contractors Supply Co., Inc. (ABC Supply) by utilizing knowledge gained from their roofing business to respond to a need in the industry. Their guiding principles were to treat contractors with respect and provide them with the products and services they needed to build their businesses. In 2001, Hendricks Holding Company, Inc. was established as a private investment firm. The focus is investing in and supporting a diverse portfolio of financially strong and sustainable companies. Hendricks Holdings Company, Inc. provides companies with the resources and support needed to reach their business goals and deliver best-in-class services to their respective industries. The businesses and associates share a passion for the Hendricks’ values to pursue the American dream. The core values include respect, opportunity, work hard - have fun, entrepreneurial spirit, family, give back, and American pride.

For more information, contact: Chris Sipe, President of STE.