Warranty Contact Information

Address:  801 4th Street, Beloit, WI 53511  
Warranty Telephone:  855-STE-USA1  
Direct Business Line:  855-STE-USA1  
Email:  warranty@ste-usa.com  

Warranty Registration

To qualify for protection under STE Manufacturer’s New Trailer Warranty: the registration information form must be completed, signed and submitted to STE, LLC, within ten (10) business days from the sale of the trailer to the original purchaser.

You may submit your Warranty Registration using either of the following two options:

Warranty Claim Procedure

Step 1:  Document all issues with as much detail as possible.  This normally includes an incident report, part description or number of affected parts, and pictures.

Step 2:  A warranty request is required to be submitted. Submittal options:

Step 3:  Follow-up your warranty submittal at (608) 368-9663 Ext. 7.

Step 4:  If the repair will take place at a non-STE location, then a repair estimate will be required for approval prior to the start of the repair.

Step 5:  All receipts and invoices must be sent via e-mail to warranty@ste-usa.com.  All receipts and invoices need to include the trailer VIN or the STE serial number.  All receipts and invoices need to be submitted within thirty (30) days after the work is performed.

Step 6:  If the warranty request is for a non-STE manufactured part, STE will manage the warranty with the vendor.  Because STE passes these warranties through, the disposition will come from the part vendor.  The part vendor may require that the failed part be shipped to them for inspection.  Please keep all failed components.


3-Year Limited Warranty

STAINLESS TANK AND EQUIPMENT CO (Seller) expressly warrants all new tanks and such accessories as are manufactured by it to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal service and properly maintained for (3) three years from the time the tank is delivered or ready to be delivered, whichever occurs first.  These warranties extend only to original purchaser.

STAINLESS TANK AND EQUIPMENT CO (STE) will repair or replace, at its discretion, products or parts of products that have been dispositioned as warranty by the appropriate warranty administrator.

This warranty does not apply to parts or products or accessories not manufactured by STE, including but not limited to landing gear, suspension system, axles, wheels, tires, rims, valves, pumps, motors, controls, heaters and other special equipment, all of which shall bear the standard warranties of the original manufacturer of such items.

In the case of claims under this warranty, the unit involved must be delivered to STE or an STE-approved repair facility for repair washed (unless otherwise approved) and within thirty (30) days after disposition.

This warranty is voided when tanks are subjected to weight loads, pressure or are used to contain or are cleansed with materials having either corrosive or temperature characteristics for which the tank was not designed.  This warranty is also voided if the tank is not operated in accordance with government regulations.  When alterations are made or parts or attachments are installed by the Buyer or for Buyer by others, the seller shall not be responsible for such alterations or installation or for the operation of the product.  Any improper use, operation beyond rated capacity, substitution of parts not approved by STE, or any alteration or repair by others in such manner as in the Seller’s judgment affects the tank materially and adversely shall void this warranty.  Unauthorized repair to equipment shall void this warranty.

There are no other warranties or representations, expressed, implied in law, of merchantability or of fitness for particular purpose, or otherwise, in any tank, product or part.  STE shall not be responsible for consequential damage or any further loss resulting from such defect in materials and workmanship.  STE is not obligated to bear (a) the cost of labor in replacing such parts or products, (b) loss of product, time and/or transportation charges, or (c) any consequential, financial or other loss, and buyer expressly waives all such damages and claims.